Dr. Chris Sauvé

DVM, Practice limited to dentistry & oral surgery

Professional Bio

Dr. Christopher Sauvé graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012.

Following graduation, Dr. Sauvé practiced emergency medicine at the (former) Edmonton Veterinarians’ Emergency Clinic for approximately three years. Thereafter, he practiced primary care medicine at the Animal Medical Centre where he discovered his deep passion for veterinary dentistry.

Following this professional interest, he decided to pursue advanced training in dentistry & oral surgery. In 2019, he completed a three-year veterinary dentistry & oral surgery residency at Companion Animal Dentistry of Kansas City.

Dr. Christopher Sauvé research has focused on identifying the species-specific prevalence of oronasal fistulas. Although Dr. Sauvé enjoys all facets of veterinary dentistry, his professional interests include endodontics, stomatitis, client communication, diagnostic imaging, and maxillomandibular fracture repair.

Dr. Sauvé is looking forward to working with his peers in the Edmonton region, providing an opportunity to offer their clients advanced dentistry solutions that complement their dentistry programs. He values the opportunity to provide continued education for his peers to foster the advancement of their professional interest, knowledge, and skillset in veterinary dentistry.

Chris enjoys jogging, cycling and playing hockey. He is blessed with a beautiful, healthy family with his partner Thea.