Emergency and Critical Care

Emergency and Critical Care

Emergency and Critical Care is a specialty that is dedicated to the treatment of acute, life-threatening conditions. Veterinarians that specialize in this discipline have had to undertake a minimum of four years additional training after their veterinary degree.

At Pulse, our critical care veterinarians are responsible for primary case management of in hospital cases and as a resource to our emergency team in the evaluation, specialized monitoring and intensive care for critically ill or injured pets. 

Cases that benefit from the involvement of a critical care specialist include polytrauma (multiple injuries after a significant event such as a vehicular accident), severe burns, respiratory emergencies, animals not producing urine, animals that have had a challenging anesthesia or recovery after a surgical procedure, heart rhythm abnormalities or life-threatening neurologic diseases. 

If your family member requires intensive treatment in our ICU our emergency and critical care trained veterinarians improve the quality of care your pet will receive which will improve their chances of a positive outcome.

Pulse is proud to announce that we will have 7 day per week
critical care coverage starting at the end of September which will ensure your
pet receives the highest level of treatment when admitted to our hospital. We
are excited to have a brand new mechanical ventilator and are hoping to be able
to start offering ventilation over the next few months. 


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