Dr. Ajaypal Kahlon


Professional Bio

Originally from the state of Panjab, Northern India, Dr. Kahlon finished his veterinary degree in 2015 and pursued further education and research in Public health and epidemiology. He eventually moved to Canada in the fall of 2017 to pursue a postgraduate degree in Veterinary Pathology at WCVM, focusing on interactions between climate, migration of waterfowl, and avian influenza in the Canadian Prairies. In 2021, Dr. Kahlon obtained the Certificate of Qualification, a license to practice veterinary medicine in North America and since then has been working in Urgent and emergent care. Apart from emergency medicine, he really enjoys the surgical and imaging aspects of veterinary medicine the most.

When not working, Dr. Kahlon loves to stay active and enjoy traveling, hiking, playing tennis, soccer, and field hockey. He strongly believes in giving back to the community and loves to volunteer and provide his professional skills to areas deprived of veterinary services whenever he can.